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I Hate Blonde // Gypsy Warrior x Pacsun

Jen_Senn_ihateblonde_pacsun 5 copyWe adore how magical Rachel looks in some of our
peices from the Gypsy Warrior x Pacsun collection !
Have you checked out the new digs?
Head to the Pacsun site to scoop up the goods or stop in your local Pacsun store.
You're gonna love it!

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You Oughta Know // Sami Storm


Sami Storm is back in the studio with Gypsy Warrior this week!
We got to hang, chit chat and ask her a couple more questions so ya'll can get to know her better!

What are your favorite things about fall?
Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, caramel apple pops, hot totties and cinnimon broomsticks!
Fall trends you're into and excited for?
Moomoos, military and motto boots.
90's grunge, 70's punk or 60's psychadellic?
Currently listening to ?
Tom Waits
Top 3 (most used) emojis?
Poop, kiss and america!


Chakra 101

chakra_longWhat is a chakra?
A chakra is an invisible center or vortex of energy, and each one is able to transmit or receive energy. Stones and visualization are used to balance and clear the chakra centers of the body. When all seven chakra centers are balanced, you will experience a sense of well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

How To: Meditation for balancing and clearing the chakra centers of your body
Step 1:
Before meditation, lie comfortably on your back and relax. Put the stones from your pouch according to our chakra guide. Visualize the white light moving downward, repeat nine times, aloud, the sound that corresponds with each chakra. Visualize the color of that chakra as you repeat the tone. Inhale and visualize a band of this color flowing into your chakra. As you exhale, leave the color in your chakra…do not release it!
Step 2: Be in tune with all that is. Breathe. Imagine this breath flowing in circles revitalizing each energy center of your body. FEEL ALIVE!
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