You Gotta Hear This // Sheppard

You Gotta Hear This // Sheppard
Go figure that I would stumble upon yet another incredible Australian band (I guess I have a thing for Australian bands).  The band Sheppard, simply titled after 3/5th of the band’s last names, caught me by surprise when I was searching around for new music to share with you all.
I curiously checked out their newly released single, “Find Someone,” and immediately fell in love with this band.  Sadly, they only have this single for an upcoming album! So I backtracked to check out their EP from 2014, Geronimo.  Mind=Blown.  The title track “Geronimo” instantly made me a huge fan of them.  For indie rock, this family of musicians absolutely nailed it.  It’s a feel good album that makes me wish I were on an endless road trip with good company.
Sheppard ingeniously integrates both male and female vocals as leads on Geronimo, adding a completely unique dynamic in this genre.   Listening to “Smile” then “Flying Away,” almost makes you think it could be two different bands. Very clever songwriting mates!
I cannot wait to hear more from their new release, but until then, this definitely will suffice!  Go check it out, I dare ya.

Songs to check out by Sheppard:
“Flying Away”
“Find Someone”






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