The Musical Warrior // Neutral Milk Hotel





nmh5Last night our social media girl, Sam, went out to see her favorite band Neutral Milk Hotel.
Read all about her awesome adventure!

"So last night I saw Neutral Milk Hotel at the Prospect Park Bandshell. We were told no pictures, so of course we snuck a few (sorry Jeff!) We were too busy enjoying the magic that is NMH to really take any! Things got a little crazy in the crowd when we had to pause midway through because of some lighting. A fight broke out between a security guard and a teenage boy in the crowd but then Jeff Mangum himself jumped down into the adoring masses to break it up and make sure everyone was okay! The storm passed and we picked back up with my ALL TIME FAVORITE Oh Comely!! After the show ended, we were lucky enough to snatch up a set list and get it signed! Last but not least, we picked up Aero plane Over the Sea on vinyl and headed to a local burger joint for some greasy post-concert fries and milkshakes! (We ate them too fast to take pics, whoops!)"
If you aren't familiar with Neutral Milk Hotel , check them out! You may fall in love !